Bird Articles

Keeping a Budgerigar

Budgies are adorable and inquisitive little birds that make wonderful pets.

Large birds such as cockatoos, African greys and Amazon parrots have special housing requirements. The size of the cage, type of perch and accessories for the cage are important.

Caring for Wild Baby Birds

Caring for wild baby birds takes skill, knowledge, experience, patience and a lot of time.

Chlamydiosis (also known as Psittacosis or Parrot Fever) is a zoonosis (a disease that can be transmitted from animals or birds to man) caused by the organism Chlamydia psittaci. It can cause severe illness in humans.

Human Foods that Poison Pets

Feeding pets food that we enjoy is not only wrong, it can also be fatal. There are some foodstuffs that humans relish which cause illness and death if eaten by pets.

Travelling With Pets

If you plan on taking your furry or feathered friend on holidays with you, moving house or even a short trip to the vet, then here are some tips on how to travel safely with your pets.

Taking Care of Your Bird's Beak and Nails

Caged birds don't experience the same wear and tear that birds in the wild do to maintain their correct beak and nail shape. Here's how to keep your bird's beak and nails in top condition.

Moulting in Caged Birds

Think yourself lucky that you’re not a bird - especially at moulting time. Moulting is a very busy and stressful time for birds.

Bird Cage Hygiene

Most birds have the misfortune of eating in their bathroom and defecating in their kitchen. It is essential to keep a bird's environment as clean as possible.

You will be delightfully surprised if you decide to raise chickens and then have them as pets but you need to know what chooks (as they are affectionately called in Australia) are like as pets and what the basic principles of chook parenting are.
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