Pet Insurance

Your pets are precious and you want to protect them from harm and look after them day-to-day the best way possible. It doesn’t matter how much love and care you provide, accidents and illness are beyond our control.

PROSURE Pet Insurance is your vet’s own insurance designed by vets with the best interests of you and your pets in mind. It is simple, affordable, and gives you cover for vet costs as a result of accident and illness. It can also help you with everyday wellness care such as annual vaccinations, deworming, dental treatment and a whole lot more!

PROSURE Pet Insurance can help you give your pet the very best of care and helps take the worry out of paying vet bills by putting money back in your pocket. So, when the unexpected happens, PROSURE Pet Insurance helps take the worries out of the affordability of veterinary bills and the outcome for your pet.

Insuring your dog

Insuring your cat

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