Gift Ideas for Cats

Cats have always been the type of pet that adopts you rather than you adopting them. They are self-reliant (until they need to be fed, of course), mischievous and very affectionate... when it suits them!

Whether it be a new collar or lead, a fun toy or cosy bed, here are a few suggestions to help you spoil your favourite feline.

Collars, ID tags, harnesses and leads

There is a multitude of cat breeds and there’s a collar to suit every one. When shopping for a collar, look for a bell to help protect wildlife and ensure it is partially or fully elasticised or has a breakaway buckle to ensure that your cat’s safety. Your veterinarian will usually stock a range of collars and ID tags and can help you ensure that your cat’s collar is appropriately fitted.

Lupine Cat Collars come with a unique lifetime guarantee. These high-quality collars come in a range of fashionable prints and have a breakaway buckle that will release under the cat's weight if the collar becomes snagged. If your cat is able to walk on a lead like a dog, matching Lupine Cat Leads and H-Style Harnesses are also available.

Toys and treats

Remember when you thought that a ball of wool was all your cat really needed for fun? These days there is a wide range of toys out there to amuse and stimulate your feline friend. Your veterinarian will often have a range of cat toys in stock, especially around Christmas time.

With crinkly plastic inside a calico liner, the Snooza Krinkly Kat Sack is perfect for playful cats to hide inside and pounce on. It’s an upmarket version of the paper bag!

Kong makes several fun and durable cat toys, such as Kong Wubba with a rattle and dangling legs to encourage your cat’s stalking and hunting instincts, and Kong Kickeroo plush toys to encourage active play like wrestling and hind-leg kicking. Both types of toys contain catnip, which is an irresistible treat for many cats.

Treats are handy stocking stuffers which often have added benefits – Feline Greenies can help keep your cat’s teeth clean, and SeaFlex can improve its joint condition, skin and coat.  You can place treats inside the Kong Treat Ball and watch your cat chase and swat at it for exercise, too.


Regular grooming will keep your cat looking good and your house free of unsightly tumbleweeds of shedded hair. Once you have determined the type of coat she has, you will need the right grooming equipment, to keep her looking her best. The Gripsoft range of grooming combs and brushes have ergonomically designed handles to make grooming more comfortable for you and for your cat.

Don't forget to keep your cat’s nails trimmed using Gripsoft Cat Nail Clippers or provide your cat with an alternative to filing them on your furniture - the durable and fetching Snooza Scratching Poles have replacement carpet covers available in a range of colours.

Anything else?

  • Pet houses or hooded pet beds give your cat a place of its own to get comfortable
  • Wire top cage or carrier for travelling or short trips to the vet
  • Lint rollers for clothing and furniture, if you have a long-haired cat
  • Food and water bowls
  • Cat litter, litter trays and litter scoops
  • Odour neutralisers for little accidents
  • Sunscreen for sensitive ears, especially on white cats
Contributors: Dr Julia Adams BVSc  

By Provet Resident Vet - Last updated 1 December 2016

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