Cat Articles

What You Should Know About Cat Flu

Yes, cats get the flu just like humans, though caused by different viruses. It is preventable, as Cat Flu is most commonly seen in unvaccinated cats.

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) is a dementia-like syndrome that occurs in approximately 12-14% of older dogs more than 10 years of age. It is similar to human Alzheimer's disease.

Lead Poisoning: A Weighty Issue

Old homes and buildings, especially those undergoing renovation, can release lead into the surrounding environment. Lead can be a danger not only to your pets, but to your family as well.

Travelling With Pets

If you plan on taking your furry or feathered friend on holidays with you, moving house or even a short trip to the vet, then here are some tips on how to travel safely with your pets.

Is Your House Pet-Safe?

Make sure your house is poison-proof for your new puppy or kitten, and watch out for electrical cords and other dangerous household items.

Human Foods that Poison Pets

Feeding pets food that we enjoy is not only wrong, it can also be fatal. There are some foodstuffs that humans relish which cause illness and death if eaten by pets.

Fighting Felines and Abscess Answers

Does your cat always seem to be in the local feline wars? Find out what to do about cat fight wounds and abscesses.

Shampoo Time for Pets

Saturday morning and it's time to give your pet a bath. What are you going to bathe it with? While that sounds like a simple question, it can be quite complex. It really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Top Ten Nutrition Questions

There are differing opinions about what constitutes the best diet for dogs and cats. Whether you choose a high quality commercial food, home-cooked diet, raw diet, or a combination, the main concern is that it is a complete and balanced diet. 

Toxic Toads

Cane toads are dangerous amphibians. They are a common cause of poisoning in dogs and, less commonly, they poison cats.

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