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There is always a big concern over the sharing of diseases between the family pets and their humans.  That is actually why the big concern arose over Bird Flu. 

With more and more campaigns launched to convince people to give up smoking, it’s worth remembering there are not just human health issues at stake.  Smoking can affect your cat’s health, too!  And bird owners should either give up smoking or give up the bird – it is a very serious problem for our feathered friends!

Aside from climbing trees, scratching furniture and resolutely ignoring you except at mealtimes? Yes, we’re talking about PURRING.

The results are in! There is no down side to being a Fat Cat – till you become diabetic!  However, Portliness in a pussy cat can be a flag for other problems.

The classic image of the cat by the fireplace represents many of the facets of feline fascination. How can they sit so close?  What are they thinking about? Will she purr when I pat her?

Let me introduce 'Minou' - a regular cat with irregular skin as a case study.  Like some humans she has a tendency to over react to any insect assaulting her.

Does your cat's breath bowl you over?  Cats neither brush their teeth nor chew on mice everyday anymore.  So it is not surprising that poor dental hygiene and bad breath are reaching epidemic proportions in our domesticated feline friends.

A behaviour change is the first thing that gives you a clue that all is not well with your feline friend.

With warm weather comes the Kitten season and peak boarding season, and these together bring an increased incidence of cat flu.

Cats view babies and toddlers as different species to adult humans. Can you blame them!? It’s a remarkable although confusing perception, now that cats are living longer and can see their human children grow up! 

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