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On the Move

The mayhem of moving is a hectic time for all. Some pets cope well – others find moving house very disturbing.

Being prepared for everyday accidents can mean reducing the extent of treatment required or even saving your pet’s life.

Barking Mad

Sometimes a dog is allowed to bark. Sometimes it is encouraged to bark, yet other times it is severely punished for barking. How confusing for the dog!

Incontinence In Dogs

Does your dog leave a wet patch or puddle when it gets up? It's not your dog's fault! Urinary incontinence is most commonly caused by inflammation of the urinary tract, or hormone imbalances in older dogs.

Skin tumours are some of the most common tumours seen in dogs and cats. There are many diifferent types of skin tumours along with different causes and treatments.

Intervertebral disc disease is the result of degenerative changes which can result in the disc pushing into the spinal canal. This leads to pressure on the spinal cord, causing injury to the nervous tissue, and pain. Certain breeds of dog are predisposed to this condition.

Feline Mad! How to Keep Your Yard Cat Free

Most of us would agree that cats are wonderful pets but, to some, the trespassing of cats is a nuisance, the source of many complaints and the cause of much neighbourhood disharmony. So how do you keep your yard cat free?

A sad fact of pet ownership is that, when you take a pet into your life, you are likely to have to face the eventual death of that pet. Commonly, you will have to face the decision that your pet has to be ‘put to sleep’.

Home Alone and Anxious

Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you are not at home? If your dog is a destructive, barking, howling, escaping marauding mutt when you are away, Pooch could be suffering from a separation anxiety - a very common problem.

Housetraining - A Wee Problem With Pups Use the "Wee Time" program and you will have your pup housetrained in no time.
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