Dog Articles

On the Move

The mayhem of moving is a hectic time for all. Some pets cope well – others find moving house very disturbing.

Being prepared for everyday accidents can mean reducing the extent of treatment required or even saving your pet’s life.

Barking Mad

Sometimes a dog is allowed to bark. Sometimes it is encouraged to bark, yet other times it is severely punished for barking. How confusing for the dog!

Incontinence In Dogs

Does your dog leave a wet patch or puddle when it gets up? It's not your dog's fault! Urinary incontinence is most commonly caused by inflammation of the urinary tract, or hormone imbalances in older dogs.

Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (Bloat) in Dogs

Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (GDV) is a condition in dogs in which the stomach greatly enlarges (dilation or bloat) and then twists on itself (torsion or volvulus). It commonly is referred to as 'bloat'. It is a problem seen mostly in large, deep-chested dogs.

Tummy Troubles

Does your pet vomit occasionally? While it is common for pets to vomit, it is not a condition to be ignored.

Oh Yuk!

Dogs really do some revolting things occasionally but when your dog eats its own droppings, it can really make your stomach turn - especially when it wants to come and greet you afterwards with that oh-so-lovely Fetid Fido grin.

Oh, Baby!

The birth of your first child is an unforgettable experience - for the family pet! What preparations will help your perplexed pet and what is the risk of your pet causing disease in, or injury to, your baby?

Pets - Why Own Them?

As sensible, rational, thinking human beings, why is it that we insist on indulging the whims and fancies of our furry four-legged and feathery two-legged friends?

Worms are a worry. Find out more about the different worms that can affect your dog, and your family.
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