Dog Articles

Tummy Troubles

Does your pet vomit occasionally? While it is common for pets to vomit, it is not a condition to be ignored.

A sad fact of pet ownership is that, when you take a pet into your life, you are likely to have to face the eventual death of that pet. Commonly, you will have to face the decision that your pet has to be ‘put to sleep’.

Selecting and Raising a Perfect Pup

To have a perfect pet, the rules are simple - choose your pup wisely and start its training early.

Your pet may be involved in all kinds of accidents around the house or when you are out on a walk. Would you know what to do?

Happy and Content Pets - It's As Simple As ABC

Is your dog leading a fulfilling and enriched lifestyle or is it bored out of its big brain?

Oh Yuk!

Dogs really do some revolting things occasionally but when your dog eats its own droppings, it can really make your stomach turn - especially when it wants to come and greet you afterwards with that oh-so-lovely Fetid Fido grin.

Whelping In The Bitch Expecting pups? How do you know when your bitch is about to whelp, when she is in trouble and when to call for help? Find out here!

Wobbly back legs aren't always due to old age. Hip dysplasia is an inherited disease seen most commonly in large and giant breeds of dogs. Other factors also play a part, especially diet.

There is little that is more worrisome than when your dog or cat suffers a seizure. You feel helpless and worried and doubtless your pet is disturbed by the seizure.

Travel Turmoil

Many dogs turn into manic mutts when travelling in the car. They bark and whine and pant and pace and scream and howl for the whole car trip.

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