Dog Articles

Living With a Blind Dog

Most blind dogs can live happy, good quality lives after a period of adjustment. This is because they rely on their other senses of smell and hearing to negotiate their familiar surroundings.

Selecting and Raising a Perfect Pup

To have a perfect pet, the rules are simple - choose your pup wisely and start its training early.

Happy and Content Pets - It's As Simple As ABC

Is your dog leading a fulfilling and enriched lifestyle or is it bored out of its big brain?

Pets love us unconditionally. They make us laugh and they are wonderful companions. In fact, owning a pet can actually improve your health!

How do you look after newborn puppies? If the mother dies or rejects the puppies, or if there are too many in the litter for the mother to feed, the puppies will require hand rearing.

Home Alone and Anxious

Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you are not at home? If your dog is a destructive, barking, howling, escaping marauding mutt when you are away, Pooch could be suffering from a separation anxiety - a very common problem.

Canine Cough

'Canine Cough' (formerly known as Kennel Cough) is highly infectious respiratory infection that not only spreads quickly through a boarding kennel, but also other places where dogs associate.

Housetraining - A Wee Problem With Pups Use the "Wee Time" program and you will have your pup housetrained in no time.

Worms are a worry. Find out more about the different worms that can affect your dog, and your family.

Oh Yuk!

Dogs really do some revolting things occasionally but when your dog eats its own droppings, it can really make your stomach turn - especially when it wants to come and greet you afterwards with that oh-so-lovely Fetid Fido grin.

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