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Feeding Your Puppy Once they are weaned, pupppies are dependent on us to provide them with the correct nutrition to grow into strong and healthy dogs.

Intervertebral disc disease is the result of degenerative changes which can result in the disc pushing into the spinal canal. This leads to pressure on the spinal cord, causing injury to the nervous tissue, and pain. Certain breeds of dog are predisposed to this condition.

Oh Yuk!

Dogs really do some revolting things occasionally but when your dog eats its own droppings, it can really make your stomach turn - especially when it wants to come and greet you afterwards with that oh-so-lovely Fetid Fido grin.

Selecting and Raising a Perfect Pup

To have a perfect pet, the rules are simple - choose your pup wisely and start its training early.

The Ten Tenets Of Pet Care Do you know the most important aspects of pet care? If you follow these Ten Tenets of Pet Care, you’ll be certain to have a happy healthy pet.

Do Dogs Get Strokes?

Strokes are rare in dogs. A stroke, or cerebrovascular accident, occurs when normal blood flow to the brain is disrupted. Much more common than strokes is Vestibular Disease which produces signs that can look like a stroke.

Grief Struck

Can dogs and cats grieve after the loss of a loved one?

Happy and Content Pets - It's As Simple As ABC

Is your dog leading a fulfilling and enriched lifestyle or is it bored out of its big brain?

Canine Cough

'Canine Cough' (formerly known as Kennel Cough) is highly infectious respiratory infection that not only spreads quickly through a boarding kennel, but also other places where dogs associate.

Leave It Alone, Pooch!

How well behaved is your dog? If your dog is aggressive, barks excessively, chases other animals or just won't leave visitors alone when they arrive, there is a 'one word' command that can change all of that.

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