Pet Insurance for Your Dog

Pet insurance offers you peace of mind, helping to cover the costs if your dog is involved in an accident or suffers a sudden illness. It is important that you research and choose the right policy, one that offers the level of cover that best suits your dog's health and your financial requirements.

Things to consider when choosing a pet insurance policy include:

  • the level of cover you require - accident, accident and illness or comprehensive
  • any excess payable when you make a claim
  • whether the policy fits within your budget
  • if there are any age entry limits
  • whether your cover will cease or reduce once your dog reaches a certain age
  • annual benefit limits for different conditions
  • any waiting periods
  • inclusions and exclusions, e.g. cruciate ligament injuries, pre-existing conditions or obstetrics
  • whether you want more comprehensive cover that includes preventative treatments, e.g. vaccinations, dental treatment or desexing
  • how easy is it to make a claim
  • discounts for insuring more than one pet

By insuring your dog you can focus on your beloved pet's recovery rather than worrying about the hefty medical costs. It will also ensure you can afford the best possible care and treatment for your dog when unforeseen circumstances arise.

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By VetZone Team on 1 December 2016

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