4CYTE™ for Horses

Actively maintain your horse's joint health

4CYTE™ Horse (Equine) can be used to protect, maintain and promote healthy joints in horses.

4CYTE™ is the world’s only animal joint health product powered by EPIITALIS®. 4CYTE™ can be used in horses to maintain suppleness and a willingness to perform, or to support healthy joints in high performance animals.

4CYTE™ is backed by world-class research and development and offers a money-back guarantee when purchased from a veterinary practice.

For more information, visit the 4CYTE™ website.

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Equine joint care articles

Keeping the Senior Horse Healthy

Basic care of older horses needs to include all the steps involved in managing younger horses, with some extra attention to handling the senior horse’s changing needs.

Arthritis Among Horses

Horses, like humans, often must endure the uncomfortable, creaky movement that is characteristic of joint inflammation, more commonly referred to as simply arthritis.

Disclaimer: 4CYTE™ therapeutic claims are applicable for the Australian market only. Please be aware that various countries have different regulatory requirements. This information should be read accordingly. Always consult your veterinarian on the health of your animal.