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Why Smoking Is Bad For Your Cat’s Health, Too!

With more and more campaigns launched to convince people to give up smoking, it’s worth remembering there are not just human health issues at stake.  Smoking can affect your cat’s health, too!  And bird owners should either give up smoking or give up the bird – it is a very serious problem for our feathered friends!

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How Do I Stop My Cat from Damaging My Furniture?

This is a desperate plea that we hear from cat owners every day. Really it stems from a misunderstanding of how cats view their world and how they leave messages for themselves and us!

Feline Frolics

Cats get bored like anyone else! If your cat is a 'party animal' rather than a 'couch slouch', giving him or her things to do apart from ripping flesh from passing human legs will be of immense benefit.

What You Should Know About Cat Flu

Yes, cats get the flu just like humans, though caused by different viruses. It is preventable, as Cat Flu is most commonly seen in unvaccinated cats.

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