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Squitty Kitties

Squitty Kitties

The 'kitten season' is the busiest time of year for us, and 'Mischa' was one of the many baby cats we saw with digestive upsets during the summertime. She actually came in to board with us at 8 weeks old, and we got to know her quite well. She was groomed, de-fleaed, vaccinated and played with, so she went home after 3 days in good shape.

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Arthritis In Dogs and Cats

Does your pet struggle to get up in the morning, hobble around or do they have trouble with stairs or jumping into the car? Arthritis can be a real pain in the neck (or hip) but there is treatment available to help your creaky pet.

Senior Cat Citizens

As cats age, their nutritional and health requirements change as their body functions change. Arthritis, dental disease, kidney disease, diabetes and cancer are some of the problems that affect older cats.

There are several options for your cat if you are planning a holiday. You can get a house-sitter, or ask someone to visit your cat regularly, or you can board your cat at a cattery.

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