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Queensland Itch in Horses

Horses are often hassled by an itchy, annoying skin condition known as ‘Queensland Itch’, ‘Sweet Itch’, summer eczema or recurrent seasonal pruritis. While the condition is an annoyance for the

Gastric Ulcers in Horses

A Widespread but Manageable Disease Every horse owner appreciates the delicate nature of the equine gut, with colic being a major fear. Problems related to the small intestine and large

Rules of Feeding: Changing Feeds

Most horse owners are aware that when feeds need to be changed, for whatever reason, it’s best not to do it overnight. But they may not know why it’s not

Greasy Heel in Horses

Greasy heel is characterised by greasy, cracked or inflamed skin on the heels and rear of the pasterns. It is often referred to as ‘mud fever’ where horses develop the

Spring Feeding Horses

Too fat, too thin: how is your horse looking after the winter months? Under that fluffy coat, there lurks a horse somewhere, but it’s hard to tell what condition he

Plan Ahead to Avoid Weaning Woes

Every foal has to go through it; every owner admits to some worries about it; and almost everyone survives it. For something that happens every year, weaning never seems to