Understanding your pet's behaviour


Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

CCD is a dementia-like syndrome that is similar to human Alzheimer’s disease, affecting 14% of dogs over 8 years in age.


Cat Spraying and Elimination Problems

Is your cat doing ‘nasties’ everywhere in the house except in their litter tray? House-soiling behaviour, or inappropriate elimination, can have many causes.


Chewing Behaviour in Dogs

Chewing is a perfectly natural thing for a dog to do. Understanding why dogs chew can help you to address undesirable chewing behaviour.


Conditioning and the Recovery Collar

There are occasions in many dogs’ lives where they need to wear a protective collar to protect them from self-harm and promote the healing process.


Constipation in Dogs

There are many causes of constipation, but the underlying cause should be determined – both to prevent recurrence, and to determine whether the constipation is a sign of a more serious disease process.


Living With a Blind Dog

Most blind dogs can live happy, good quality lives after a period of adjustment, since they rely on their other senses of smell and hearing to negotiate their familiar surroundings.

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