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Owning a Pet Ferret

Ferrets make interesting pets. However, they are higher maintenance than cats or dogs and are banned from being kept as pets in some areas.

Feeding Your Bird

One of the great myths about owning birds is that all they need to eat is seed. This is no more true of birds than it is about us. So what do we feed our birds?

CARE Keeping your animals healthy

The Benefits of Pet Health Insurance

Pet insurance offers you peace of mind. If your pet is involved in an accident or suffers a sudden illness, the medical costs can range from several hundreds to thousands of dollars.

TRAIN Understanding your pet's behaviour

Cat Spraying and Elimination Problems

Is your cat doing ‘nasties’ everywhere in the house except in their litter tray? House-soiling behaviour, or inappropriate elimination, can have many causes.

Travel Turmoil: Travelling with Dogs in Cars

Dogs misbehaving in the car can drive you around the bend! Solving travel turmoil with pets means working out ‘what’s wrong’ first. This is not as difficult to cure as you may think.

BLOG Animal health news

Love Your Pet, Love Your Vet

Did you know that the veterinary profession has one of the highest suicide rates worldwide? This fact sheet from Love Your Pet, Love Your Vet explores some of the contributing factors and some simple ways you can help.