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The Tales of Three Thirsty Old Cats

The Tales of Three Thirsty Old Cats

In recent weeks, we've had a run of 'thirsty old cats'. Since kidneys are the 'weak point' of cats (50% of elderly cats die of renal failure and most of the rest succumb to cancer), obtaining urine to test was the immediate goal.

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Why You Should Desex Your Cat

Desexing both male and female cats will help prevent urine marking, territorial behaviour, fighting, roaming, injuries and unwanted kittens.

Let me introduce 'Minou' - a regular cat with irregular skin as a case study.  Like some humans she has a tendency to over react to any insect assaulting her.

There are several options for your cat if you are planning a holiday. You can get a house-sitter, or ask someone to visit your cat regularly, or you can board your cat at a cattery.

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