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Why Does My Cat…?

Why Does My Cat…?

Cats communicate with each other and with us in many different ways. Have you ever wondered what your cat is trying to tell you? Or why your cat twitches in its sleep? Do cats see in colour and are they actually smarter than us?

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Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) is a dementia-like syndrome that occurs in approximately 12-14% of older dogs more than 10 years of age. It is similar to human Alzheimer's disease.

Why You Need To Worm Your Cat

Intestinal worms are a common cause of disease in cats and can affect your health, too.

What To Do When Your Pet Is Missing

Most people think it won't happen to them, but losing a pet occurs more often than one might think. Fortunately, many pets are found within a 3km radius of their homes and can return weeks after being reported lost.

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