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What Diseases Can Humans Get from Cats?

There is always a big concern over the sharing of diseases between the family pets and their humans.  That is actually why the big concern arose over Bird Flu. 

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Arthritis In Dogs and Cats

Does your pet struggle to get up in the morning, hobble around or do they have trouble with stairs or jumping into the car? Arthritis can be a real pain in the neck (or hip) but there is treatment available to help your creaky pet.

Caring For Your New Kitten

Don't forget that your adorable bundle of fluff is totally dependent on you to provide for its well-being.

'Sirus' the Siamese - From Constipation to Colectomy

'Sirus' is an eldery Siamese who has always had difficulties moving his bowels from about 8 years old, and treatment has progressed from 'petroleum laxatives' (basically multi-flavoured Vaseline, such as Catlax) through to high fibre diets and colonic stimulants.

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