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The Tales of Three Thirsty Old Cats

The Tales of Three Thirsty Old Cats

In recent weeks, we've had a run of 'thirsty old cats'. Since kidneys are the 'weak point' of cats (50% of elderly cats die of renal failure and most of the rest succumb to cancer), obtaining urine to test was the immediate goal.

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Choosing The Right Food For Your Cat

Cats have specific nutritional requirements and need a complete and balanced diet according to their age, level of activity, pregnancy, lactation or certain medical conditions.

What About Cats’ Teeth?

Do they ever get bad breath from not brushing their teeth? Well, Dr. Kim certainly doesn’t have time to brush my teeth, and it is not an intimacy that I’m inclined to permit. Anyway, I do a perfectly good job of cleaning the inside parts of my teeth with my tongue, and I chew on chicken necks, wings and lamb brisket bones to polish the outside of my teeth.

Lead Poisoning: A Weighty Issue

Old homes and buildings, especially those undergoing renovation, can release lead into the surrounding environment. Lead can be a danger not only to your pets, but to your family as well.

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