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The Tales of Three Thirsty Old Cats

The Tales of Three Thirsty Old Cats

In recent weeks, we've had a run of 'thirsty old cats'. Since kidneys are the 'weak point' of cats (50% of elderly cats die of renal failure and most of the rest succumb to cancer), obtaining urine to test was the immediate goal.

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Heartworm Disease and Its Prevention

It’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Sadly, it is fact not fiction. Heartworm disease is a silent killer of dogs and cats.

Before you travel, ask yourself: will my cat or dog be comfortable and happy? Some animals simply prefer to stay at home, so pet sitting or boarding may be the best option. If you do decide to take your pet along, you must take as much care with the preparation of your pet’s trip as your own.

Anal Gland Disease and Its Treatment

Anal gland disease is a common and distressing condition in pets and often causes 'scooting' behaviour, where a dog or cat drags its derriere along the carpet.

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