Gift Ideas for Dogs

Whether your dog is an absolute charmer, courageous, loyal, mischievous or downright lazy, he is your pride and joy, and from the outset you want to be the best owner your dog could hope for. The responsibilities of ownership are great, but the love and friendship you’ll receive from your dog is priceless. Here are some gift ideas to spoil your (or a friend’s) beloved pooch.

Collars and Tags

Your dog has a personality all of his own, so the collar and lead you choose should reflect that personality. Maybe he is bright and bold, perhaps smart and stylish or even tough and rugged! Your veterinarian will usually stock a range of collars and ID tags and can help you ensure that your dog’s collar is appropriately fitted.

The exclusive range of Lupine collars are an extremely attractive and durable adjustable nylon collar for small to large dogs that come with a lifetime guarantee, even if chewed.

Time for Walkies!

There is nothing like a leisurely weekend walk with your favourite pooch. Whether you take him, or he takes you, having the right lead for your dog is essential. The lead must be able to let you control and guide him whilst leaving room for him to have fun, too.

Lupine leads are available to match their range of stylish collars, in 2’ (60cm), 4’ (120cm) and 6’ (180cm) lengths. Harnesses in some prints are also available. Black Dog makes a super-cool range of robust and hip doggie wear to take with you on your walks, including backpacks, treat bags, head halters and leads.

Treats are great for walks and training, too. Vet’s Best Rewards are healthy and tasty liver treats developed by Australian vets that are easy to break apart and feed to your dog by hand.


Toys, toys, toys. Every dog needs a toy or three, don’t you think? Today’s dog toys are not just for fun either. They can be a great way for your best friend to maintain those sparkling pearly whites and they can also keep your best friend amused whilst you are out and about. Your veterinarian will often have a range of dog toys in stock, especially around Christmas time.

KONG Toys provide jaw exercise, dental care, mental stimulation and great fun for dogs that like to chew. Made from legendary strength KONG rubber, they are super bouncy and irresistible and can be filled with treats. Red KONG toys are for typical chewers, while the black KONG Extreme toys are for large, tenacious chewers. Dental KONG and Dental Sticks provide fun oral health care, Puppy KONG and Senior KONG suit younger and older dogs and KONG Squeezz toys are squeaky toys for interactive play. There’s a KONG for all occasions!

Beds and Comfort

“Ahhhhhh, it’d be nice to relax in a soft bed right now” – I bet you think that sometimes. Well, your best friend feels the same way all the time!

Snooza Flea-Free Dog Beds are made from coated rustproof steel with a tough, open-weave, breathable outdoor fabric. You can also fit it with a Snooza Woolly Cover for that extra snuggle factor!

The Snooza Pet Futon is warm in winter and cool in summer and is easy to keep clean. It’s ideal for the home, the car, weekends away or even on a raised bed.


Regular grooming will keep your dog looking good and minimise shedding. Once you have determined the type of coat he has, you will need the right grooming equipment to keep him looking his best. The Gripsoft range of grooming products are designed to lie comfortably in your hand, making grooming a pleasurable experience for you and your dog.

KONG Zoom Grooms have gentle rubber fingers that reach through the pet’s fur to make friendly contact with the skin without yanking or pulling. This “groomassage” action removes loose hair like a magnet, stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and coats. Because they’re portable and colourful, they make a great gift.

Anything else?

  • Treat jars for food storage
  • Lint rollers for clothing and furniture, if you have a long-haired dog
  • Pooper scooper and plastic bags for picking up dog waste when you go for walks, and for cleaning up the backyard (or a friend’s yard)
  • Odour neutralisers for little accidents
  • Coats for rainy or cooler weather
  • Pet sunscreen is a must in summer
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