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Is Your Bird Sick?

Although we like to think of birds as domestic pets, they are only a few generations descended from wild birds. In the wild, a sick bird is easy prey for a predator. Hence, birds have

Bird Taming, Training and Talking

It is very desirable to have a tame, affectionate and interactive bird as a family pet. Small birds such as finches and canaries may prove very difficult to befriend. There are many methods and opinions

First Aid Kits For Your Pet

Being prepared for everyday accidents can mean reducing the extent of treatment required or even saving your pet’s life. A basic first aid kit should be made up of: Your vet’s telephone number, including emergency

Scaly Face in Budgerigars

Budgies and other bird species can be struck by the burrowing mite, more commonly known as Scaly Face Mite.

Why Some Birds Feather Pluck

Those of us that are bird lovers hate to see our birds with poor feathers. Nothing is more noticeable than a bird with a feather condition.

Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD)

Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (or PBFD for short) is one of the nastiest, most aggressive diseases in aviculture today, making it important for parrot owners to understand.

Hand Rearing Baby Parrots

Hand rearing parrots is a difficult, time consuming task, requiring a lot of dedication, but the rewards are immense.