First Aid Kits For Your Pet

Being prepared for everyday accidents can mean reducing the extent of treatment required or even saving your pet’s life.

A basic first aid kit should be made up of:

  • Your vet’s telephone number, including emergency and after hours numbers
  • Pet First Aid manual
  • Rectal thermometer and lubricant
  • Sterile gauze (to cover wounds and prevent further infection)
  • Bandages (soft conforming bandages are best)
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive tape
  • Cotton wool
  • Sterile saline solution (to flush debris out of wounds)

Other items that may be useful in your first aid kit include splint material (such as a smooth piece of wood, or a splint available from your veterinarian), a leather lead (to make a noose to approach a frightened or aggressive animal), strong material if a tourniquet is needed and a blanket to keep the animal warm or use as a stretcher.

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