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Gearing Up For Your New Kitten

Your new kitten will need a few supplies before you bring them home – like a bed, food and water bowls, a collar and at least one litter tray. Having these ready will mean your kitten can settle in to their new home straight away.

Cat Spraying and Elimination Problems

Is your cat doing ‘nasties’ everywhere in the house except in their litter tray? House-soiling behaviour, or inappropriate elimination, can have many causes.

Gift Ideas for Cats

Whether it be a new collar or lead, a fun toy or cosy bed, here are a few suggestions to help you spoil your favourite feline.

The Benefits of Pet Health Insurance

Pet insurance offers you peace of mind. If your pet is involved in an accident or suffers a sudden illness, the medical costs can range from several hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Tummy Troubles

Vomiting in Cats and Dogs Does your pet vomit occasionally? While it is common for pets to vomit, it is not a condition to be ignored. Many cases of vomiting may be mild and resolve

Chocolate Toxicity In Animals

Chocolate can be a killer! Although chocolate is one of our favourite treats, it contains a substance that is poisonous to animals. Toxicity, or poisoning, is most common in dogs because of their habit of

Why You Should Vaccinate Your Cat

Has your cat been vaccinated in the last 12 months? Vaccination is the only way to protect your cat against a group of deadly diseases. Vaccinating your cat stimulates its immune system to produce antibodies

Why You Should Desex Your Cat

“How can I stop cats fighting and roaming in my backyard, howling and keeping me awake at night? How can I stop urine marking around my garden and house? How can I stop my cat from getting

Having a Problem With Cat Scratching?

Does your cat like to scratch? Of course they do! Cats naturally scratch objects to shorten and condition their claws, to mark their territory and to stretch. Most cats that have access to an outdoor area

Keeping Kitty Happy

Many cats enjoy interacting with their owners and playing is a great way to cultivate a bond between cat and owner. Cats whose situation provides them with both indoor and outdoor access will often provide

Heartworm Disease and Its Prevention

Previous Next Heartworm disease is a silent killer of dogs and cats. It’s a slow, insidious disease that gradually incapacitates pets. By the time you notice the telltale signs of the disease, the damage that