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Owning a Pet Ferret

Ferrets make interesting pets. However, they are higher maintenance than cats or dogs and are banned from being kept as pets in some areas.

Chocolate Toxicity In Animals

Chocolate can be a killer! Although chocolate is one of our favourite treats, it contains a substance that is poisonous to animals. Toxicity, or poisoning, is most common in dogs because of their habit of

Maintaining Your Fish Tank

Once established, regular maintenance of your fish tank is essential to continue to provide a healthy environment for your fish. Some routine tasks will help keep your aquarium and fish looking their best. Water exchange

Feeding Your Pet Rabbit

Rabbits are herbivores and require a varied, balanced diet. They have a specialised digestive tract that allows them to digest the large amount of fibre that is required in their diet. What should rabbits eat?

Common Diseases of Pet Rabbits

Common conditions of pet rabbits include snuffles, hairballs, parasites, overgrown incisors, uterine cancer, and sore hocks. Fortunately, with proper attention to your rabbit’s diet and living requirements and with daily handling, many of these diseases

Housing Pet Ferrets

Ferrets make wonderful pets, provided you have the time and patience to care for them properly. They love company and are quite mischievous little creatures. Bins, lounge chairs, drawers, toilet bowls, behind fridges and washing

Diseases In Fish: How Do I Treat Them?

It is extremely important to detect disease at the earliest possible opportunity, since prompt treatment may be able to save the affected individual fish and equally important, prevent the disease spreading to other fish. Many

Bunny Love

Rabbits are communal animals and pet rabbits should be provided with a companion wherever possible.

Pets are good for your health

Your pet can be a wonderful companion and bring endless joy and happiness into your life. There are so many things you can do with your pet – play games, go for walks, explore the