Pets are good for your health

Your pet can be a wonderful companion and bring endless joy and happiness into your life. There are so many things you can do with your pet – play games, go for walks, explore the garden, learn new things or just share a quiet moment together.

Research has shown that owning a pet can have measurable health benefits. Studies conducted in nursing homes and among the general public have shown that pet owners often have lower stress levels than non-pet owners. The simple act of patting a pet can reduce your blood pressure.

Animals living in or regularly visiting nursing homes can encourage interest and communication in lonely or withdrawn patients. Pets can become a talking point and help people establish relationships.

Most people want to own a pet for companionship. Animals offer unconditional loyalty and money cannot buy that special feeling when your dogs wags its tail when you come home, or your cat curls up on your lap purring contentedly. These everyday joys can be a reminder to slow down in our increasingly busy and complicated lives.

Pets encourage us to take more exercise, they make us laugh and smile and help bring our families and communities together.

Remember to be patient, take good care of your pet and you will enjoy a happy and healthy life together.

– Last updated 16 November 2012
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