Pocket & Exotic Pet Articles

Bunny Love

Rabbits are communal animals and pet rabbits should be provided with a companion wherever possible.

Pets are good for your health

Your pet can be a wonderful companion and bring endless joy and happiness into your life. There are so many things you can do with your pet – play games, go for walks, explore the garden, learn new things or …

Grief Management In Children

Losing a pet marks the end of a special relationship and can be one of the most difficult times of our life. Strong emotional bonds are formed with pets, and it is normal for any pet owner to experience intense …

What To Do When Your Pet Is Missing

Most people think it won’t happen to them, but losing a pet occurs more often than one might think. It’s important to take action immediately.

Keeping Pet Rabbits Happy

If you take care of your rabbit’s basic needs, you can ensure they have a happy and healthy life.

Rat Bait Poisoning

Rat and mouse numbers tend to rise as cooler weather forces them to search for food closer to our homes, especially sheds and garages where we feed our dogs or cats and in the house, too.

Choosing Healthy Tropical Fish

Tips for choosing a healthy discus, arowana or angelfish are no different from choosing any other fish.

Feeding Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are cute little creatures but can be tricky to feed correctly. They particularly need Vitamin C in their diet.

Keeping Australian Lizards in Captivity

The two lizards most commonly kept in Australia are the Eastern Blue Tongue and the Bearded Dragon. They may live for 20 years or more and grow considerably from the little babies purchased from dealers.

Children and Guinea Pigs

In all cases, particularly with young children, the adults of the home need to be aware that they will be the main carers of the guinea pig.