Pocket & Exotic Pet Articles

Skin Problems in Guinea Pigs

While some issues can be treated easily at home, it’s best to seek veterinary advice if your guinea pig’s skin problems persist.

First Aid Kits For Your Pet

Being prepared for everyday accidents can mean reducing the extent of treatment required or even saving your pet’s life. A basic first aid kit should be made up of: Your vet’s telephone number, including emergency and after hours numbersPet First …

In the Event of a Power Failure…

You have finally established your aquarium and done some fine tuning to get your miniature ecosystem in balance – plants, fish, pumps, filters, power. Power? Oh, fudge!

Discus Care Sheet

Discus are majestically graceful fish whose popularity has almost overshadowed that of the angelfish. If kept well, they can grow to be as large as a dinner plate!

Beginner’s Guide To Fish Keeping

There are myriads of variations in fish tank set-ups, but beginners are best starting off with a freshwater set-up.

Making a Home for Your Small Pet

Pet rodents need escape-proof housing to protect them from other pets, as well as to protect your furniture.

Goldfish Care Basics

Goldfish (Carassius auratus) are colourful, peaceful, have a long lifespan and are intelligent! The ancestors of this species originated in China and were of dull brown colouration. They have been selectively bred by the Chinese over the centuries to develop …

Keeping Snakes In Captivity

Keeping a snake in captivity requires some careful preparation and research.