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Owning a Pet Ferret

Ferrets make interesting pets. However, they are higher maintenance than cats or dogs and are banned from being kept as pets in some areas.

Feeding Your Bird

One of the great myths about owning birds is that all they need to eat is seed. This is no more true of birds than it is about us. So what do we feed our birds?

Feeding Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are cute little creatures but can be tricky to feed correctly. They particularly need Vitamin C in their diet.

Keeping Australian Lizards in Captivity

The two lizards most commonly kept in Australia are the Eastern Blue Tongue and the Bearded Dragon. They may live for 20 years or more and grow considerably from the little babies purchased from dealers.

Top Ten Nutrition Questions

Whether you choose a high quality commercial food, home-cooked diet, raw diet, or a combination, the main concern is that it your pet has a complete and balanced diet.

Caring For Your New Kitten

Kittens are undeniably cute, but they are totally dependent on you to provide for their health and wellbeing to grow into healthy adult cats.

Children and Guinea Pigs

In all cases, particularly with young children, the adults of the home need to be aware that they will be the main carers of the guinea pig.

Discus Care Sheet

Discus are majestically graceful fish whose popularity has almost overshadowed that of the angelfish. If kept well, they can grow to be as large as a dinner plate!

The Ten Tenets Of Pet Care

Do you know the most important aspects of pet care? If you follow these Ten Tenets of Pet Care, you’ll be certain to have a happy healthy pet.